Three demo Java web apps so far:

  1. Flight board. This is intended for virtual airlines - it can lookup current VATSIM flights by callsign prefix and display a board of those flights.
  2. Make an ICAO lookup on the Squawkbox airports file
  3. Lookup aircraft from the Squawkbox aircraft file by manufacturer, name or code

Online demos here

Note you will need a Java application server to run it. The easiest one to set up is Tomcat, available for download from Jakarta.

Once you've got Tomcat set up, download the demo war (~600KB) file and put it in the Tomcat webapps directory, then start Tomcat up. If Tomcat is running on your local machine, the URL will be http://localhost:8080/jatcwebapps

Click through the links until you find icaolookup.jsp and click on it.

But... on the miscellaneous front. I've started developing some non-Java Windows stuff that interacts directly with Flight Simulator - this will be bridged with Java eventually. The utils package contains a descent rate calculator - it can pick up your current distance from a navaid, altitude, speed etc and work out what descent rate you need to maintain to reach a given distance at a given altitude. Download from here (16KB). (Yep kilobytes - you need the VB runtimes to use it).


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